New and Young Workers

New and young workers are particularly at risk of workplace health and safety incidents and accidents and require special attention to the procedures that could diminish the threat. By employing young persons that meet the minimum age for the industry will help promote job success. Validate that the young person presents the knowledge, maturity, education and work experience required for the tasks assigned. 

Before starting work, the young worker should read the company’s policy and procedures and applicable SOP’s. Preferably a test should be administered to ensure that they did understand the tasks and the OH&S aspect of the tasks/jobs.


Ensure young, and new workers understand their rights, including the right to refuse. 
The buddy system is the preferred method of training. The experienced worker would not sign off on the training until both the trainer and trainee feel they can perform their duties safely with the applicable tools.

Training will include reviewing the following:


Review potential hazards in the workplace environment and around the worker. 


Unusual work conditions may come up which could lead to new risks, and what the young or new worker should do. Review past as examples.

Ensure that the young or new worker is aware of their environment, such as risks from other co-workers.


Depending on the task /job, young and new workers should never work alone. 


Young and new workers should never attempt to perform any task or job they have not trained on.


The young or new worker should feel comfortable contacting their supervisor, or co-worker with any questions that may arise.

The young and new workers need assurance that there will be no retribution to questioning or refusing to perform any duty they feel is unsafe or need more information.