Frequently asked questions

How will Software as a Serivce help my company with Occupational Health and Safety

From a monetary point of view SaaS, it has been shown that 88% reduction in claims, with 90%+- return on investment for having a paperless system. Meaning that if you switch to a paperless system today your ROI would see significant improvement through out the next year.

Why should occupational health and safety matter to me as an owner/director?

Under the Canadian law, as the owner/director, you are responsible for the safety of your employees. Not being aware of your legal oblegations is not a justified reason in the courts. You can be fined, penalties and possible jail time. Having employees directly involved in the implentation to a paperless system can help develop a safety culture.

Why should I choose DoNoodle for my company?

DoNoodle has the capability to integrate occupational health and safety into employees every day tasks. This will lead to better safety on site and in the work place. It is the best intereste that the employee be able to communicate through text, videos, images, etc. to their supervisor or OHS officer to document any issues or questions while on the job. Increasing communication between the worker and their supervisor.

What industry does DoNoodle work best in?

Currently DoNoodle can work in all industries. This was implented right from the start as it was important that good occupational health and safety be accessbile for everyone, everywhere.